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ABSOLUTE Tea Tree Oil comes from our very own home grown Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Tea Tree leaves are picked by hand and steam-distilled to release the oil.  ABSOLUTE is harvested and manufactured in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands at Arum Hill Lodge.  Arum Hill Lodge is situated a stone’s throw away from Michaelhouse School.  Our story begins when an old Michaelhouse boy who bought the magical property in 2000 realising its potential at a young age.  Since then he has grown, by hand each and every Tea Tree on the 7 hectares of land.  After years of tender love and care, Arum Hill Lodge now has over 3000 trees grounded firmly in disciplined lines along the curvature of the land.

The beauty of Arum Hill Lodge captures the essence of the tea trees and has made a name for itself by now being known as a luxurious Bed & Breakfast.

Our tea Trees are looked after daily, selecting the finest leaves to ensure we produce the most pure tea tree oil.  The medicinal benefit of this oil only proves itself after usage. We believe in our product, use our product daily and hope to educate the end user of all the healing properties in Absolute Tea Tree Oil.

Absolute Tea Tree Oil has now grown to being harvested in the two tonne Distillation machine seen below.  Scroll down to view the beginnings of our harvesting in our 75kg Distillation machine!

Going Back to where it all began.  Kate, Amy, Thomas and Michael started the distillation process through a 75kg distillery machine (shown below).  While Thomas and Michael would assist Ryan in cutting down the trees, stripping the leaves off and bringing them up to the barn where they would load all the leaves into the drum. Amy would stand in the drum and pack the leaves in as tightly as possible.  Once full, turning the gas burners on would cause the water to heat up and soon turn into steam, steaming the Tea Tree leaves and causing the oil in the leaves to be evaporated out with the water.  Our machine would then separate the water from the oil and we would be able to catch the water in one bucket and the oil would slowly drip into our oil collector. Kate being the creative one, thought about bottling the oil, creating a beautiful brand and initializing an educational program on showing the natural benefits on this product.  Throughout all of this, the four siblings hope to create an empire of healthy remedies through organic and natural farming of their tea tree Oil.

There are over 100 uses for ABSOLUTE Tea Tree Oil.

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Below is a list of the current stores holding our stock.  We are so excited to have our brand on the shelves throughout Kwa-Zulu-Natal.  If you arent in the area, dont worry! We would be happy to assist in getting our product to you.  Just send through an email or call us!



Bluff SuperSpar: 884 Bluff Road. Durban (031) 466 3281

Hilton Quarry SuperSpar: 57 Hilton Avenue, Quarry Centre. Hilton (033) 343 1210

Knowles SuperSpar: 22 Chancery Lane. Pinetown (031) 701 8251


Mills SuperSpar: 27 Blackburrow Road, Pietermaritzburg. (033) 346 1345

North Beach Spar: 91 Somtseu Road, Mangrove Beach Centre. Durban (031) 368 1346


Parklane SuperSpar: 18 Chief Albert Luthuli Street, Pietermaritzburg. (033) 342 3487


Umhlanga Spar: 189 Ridge Road. Durban (031) 561 2231

Village Mall Super Spar: 15 Old Main Road. Kloof (031) 764 5112

Westville SuperSpar: 30 Church Road. Westville (031) 266 1209

ABSOLUTE aspires to provide both men and women with natural cosmetics that meet a diversity of beauty needs. Absolute stands for organic and natural healing, while still providing a product that enriches a pure luxury in cosmetics.

Our mission is to provide a luxury range of cosmetics that enhance well-being through naturally healing products. ABSOLUTE cosmetics are all based on the natural healing properties of Tea Tree Oil.

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